Innovate, Collaborate, Grow: A Look at the Momentum Building at GMC 2023


[Aricestii Rahtivani, October 23, 2023] – Haptic R&D Consulting is thrilled to announce its active participation in the Global Mobility Call 2023 (GMC 2023), an esteemed event uniting industry, science, and technology professionals with the goal of forging strategic partnerships for sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

Hosted under the theme “Networking for Smart Mobility Companies and Institutions,” GMC 2023 provides a platform for businesses, research institutions, and technology experts to collaborate in fields spanning Mobility, Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Smart and Livable Cities, Logistics, Public Transport, IoT, Decarbonization, Circular Economy, Digitalization, Automotive, Universities, Tech and Innovation Transformation, and Economic Development.

At the core of GMC 2023 is the drive to employ technology and research to ensure sustainable business development and growth, aligning seamlessly with Haptic R&D Consulting’s mission to bridge innovation and technology in support of sustainable solutions. The event offers a prime opportunity for the company to explore new horizons and contribute its expertise to the collective pursuit of smarter and more sustainable mobility.

Haptic R&D Consulting will actively participate in GMC 2023’s brokerage and networking activities, seeking dynamic partnerships and collaborations across the spectrum of mobility and innovation domains. The company’s portfolio, deeply rooted in haptic technology, smart mobility, and sustainability, positions it as a valuable contributor in these collaborative efforts.

“We are happy to be a part of GMC 2023, a platform that shares our vision for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. Our focus on haptic technology and its applications in smart mobility and sustainability perfectly aligns with the event’s themes. We look forward to engaging with potential partners and driving innovation in these critical fields,” said Mr. Daniel Chirtes, CEO at Haptic R&D Consulting.

GMC 2023 represents an invaluable opportunity for Haptic R&D Consulting to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and advance the cause of sustainable, tech-driven mobility solutions.

About Haptic R&D Consulting:
Haptic R&D Consulting is a pioneering consultancy firm specializing in haptic technology, innovation, and sustainability. With a commitment to bridging technology and research, Haptic R&D Consulting leverages haptic feedback solutions to enhance user experiences, improve sustainability, and drive innovation across various sectors.

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