Remote Support Assistant (AR)

Remote Support Assistant with Hololens technology is a set of services designed to provide businesses with remote support for technical issues using cutting-edge technology. The services involve the use of Hololens, a mixed reality device that combines augmented reality and virtual reality, to enable a support assistant to remotely connect with a user and provide real-time support and guidance.

The services begin with the installation and setup of the Hololens device, as well as the software needed to enable the remote connection. Once the device is set up, the user can wear the Hololens and connect with the remote support assistant using a secure network connection.


Using the Hololens, the remote support assistant can provide a range of services, including:

  1. Visual guidance: The remote support assistant can use the Hololens to provide visual guidance to the user, such as pointing out specific parts or components of a device or equipment that needs attention.
  2. Remote control: The remote support assistant can remotely control the user’s device or equipment, enabling them to make adjustments or perform tasks without the need for physical presence.
  3. Collaborative problem-solving: The remote support assistant can work collaboratively with the user to diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, using the Hololens to view the user’s perspective and provide real-time guidance and solutions.

Overall, Remote Support Assistant with Hololens technology can help businesses to reduce downtime and increase productivity by providing real-time support and guidance to users, regardless of their physical location. The use of cutting-edge technology also enhances the user experience and promotes a more collaborative approach to problem-solving, improving overall efficiency and satisfaction.