Remote Support Assistant (AR)

We propose a unique innovative concept that is beyond the current state of the art on the market. Our product is specifically designed for companies who define themselves as highly innovative.

A software solution for remote mobile assistance and support based on audio and video live streaming, very useful for monitoring on-site services, providing assistance or remote inspection capabilities.


1. Industry. As a company there are situations that require a specialist to be present at various interventions. You can ship a pair of glasses anywhere you need and have an employee ready to be equipped with them. The glasses will transmit a live feed of whatever the employee is watching, back to a support center where your expert will be able to provide the much needed assistance.

2. Medicine and Emergency response. Doctors and paramedics can be coordinated by a specialist from the Emergency Room during resuscitation maneuvers.

3. Training. The lecturer can perform live demonstrations (presenting equipment, performing surgery or health and safety), while students can see exactly what he is doing in real time, classes can be recorded and all that while the lecturers are using both their hands.

The Moverio glasses are running Android OS. You can surf the Internet, head motion detection, the forward pointing camera and the microphone system can record videos and photos or live stream to a control center, they have a portable control unit which is constantly updated.

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Substantial savings in terms of time and travel costs for specialized personnel; an expert can monitor several interventions or site inspections at once from the office without having to travel.

Real time problem-solving capability from across the globe.

Establishing a knowledge base consisting of audio-video recordings of each intervention. Accessing all the shared documents will result in faster and effective decision making when faced with a problem in the future, just search for similar symptoms identified previously.

Storing important know-how within the company regardless of the flow of employees. Imagine being able to send an unexperienced worker to fix a problem while having the remote assistance of an expert at the other end of the connection.

The use of futuristic looking solutions usually points to highly professional companies who are setting the pace of the market.

Complete movement freedom during usage.

Our solution is extensible, adaptable and maintainable.