Intelligent metasurface as an emerging research direction involving various disciplines

The manipulation of electromagnetic waves and information has become central to our daily lives. Intelligent metasurfaces have emerged as smart platforms for controlling the wave-information-matter interactions without manual intervention. They evolved from engineered composite materials, including metamaterials and metasurfaces. As a society, we have witnessed significant progress of metamaterials and metasurfaces with different forms and Read more about Intelligent metasurface as an emerging research direction involving various disciplines[…]

Digital Transformation Conference

Digital Transformation Conference brings more than 650+ key players of the oil & gas industry, to probe and explore winning strategies and technologies, by means of digitalization in dealing with the current and future challenges of the upstream, midstream and downstream sector. This event is a platform bringing the entire Oil and Gas Sector together Read more about Digital Transformation Conference[…]

Quantum communication pave the way to become a viable future technology

As digitalization continues to make headway, finding ways of increasing the security of the exchange of sensitive information becomes ever more important. One of the main methods proposed to achieve this is a communication network that operates based on the laws of quantum physics. This would ensure that undetected eavesdropping is made impossible. Development of Read more about Quantum communication pave the way to become a viable future technology[…]

Nordic Innovation Fair 2021

Haptic R&D Consulting SRL will participate at Nordic Innovation Fair 2021. The place for connecting Nordic scientists with international investors and businesses Over the past decade, the Nordic region has exhibited exponential growth in research and innovation across the natural sciences. Nordic universities create significant potential for translating early-stage research-based inventions into products and services Read more about Nordic Innovation Fair 2021[…]

Good business models have to be able to adapt

Changes in the external environment always affect the success of companies and may even tilt previously valid laws of business off balance. In a new study, Jan Recker, Chair for Information Systems and Systems Development at the University of Cologne’s Faculty of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences, writes that companies should learn to recognize and Read more about Good business models have to be able to adapt[…]

Autonomous logistic tasks on construction sites

Researchers are working with a mobile robotic platform called Husky A200 that could be used for autonomous logistic tasks on construction sites. This mobile robot is one of many projects pursued by the Fraunhofer Italia Innovation Engineering Center to advance the cause of digitalization in construction and bridge the gap between robotics and the building Read more about Autonomous logistic tasks on construction sites[…]

Ten Digital Ideas Report

Oliver Wyman released its Ten Digital Ideas Report which explores how leaders across all industries can capitalize on digital innovations. “Harnessing the potential of digital innovations is one of the greatest management challenges of our time. Discovering new digital ways to improve a business requires not only staying on top of developments within the same Read more about Ten Digital Ideas Report[…]

Key trends at CeBIT 2016

This year’s CeBIT was alive with tangible impressions of how the sweeping wave of digitalization is reshaping the economy and society. Leading research institutes and companies serving every conceivable user industry were joined by numerous startups to showcase the latest advances in the Internet of Things, Cloud computing, IT security, mobile applications and social business. Read more about Key trends at CeBIT 2016[…]