The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch” and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning “to contact” or “to touch”.

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Haptic technology will be more remarkable than any breakthrough in the past technology

Haptic technology will change the way we live and interact with technology in the future. As mobile devices to act more like an extension of our body, so that the connected smart devices will act as an extension of our environments, allowing us to control the world around us in a unimaginable way.


6th OMAN PLAST 2020 is an exclusive International Plastics, Rubber, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plastics Recycling, Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition & Conference being held now on an annual basis. The ...
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A new look at the industrial testing of the hydrogen resistance of metals

The researchers from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) and Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences studied the distribution of hydrogen in metals in the ...
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renewable energy

Solar thermal, geothermal, photovoltaic – what form of energy supply is most suitable for a particular municipality?

Representatives of smaller communities are overwhelmed by a huge amount of information, which tends to exacerbate existing uncertainty. A new online tool from Fraunhofer is now helping to clarify this ...
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Augmented Reality manuals without any prior knowledge

Using a novel software made in Bochum, paper-based work instructions can be easily translated into Augmented Reality applications. No prior knowledge necessary. Augmented Reality (AR) might render complicated paper-based work ...
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A promising ferroelectric material could bring headphones with better sound and lower power consumption

For a long time, scientists have been investigating so-called ferroelectric materials, which can change their electric polarisation, to enable the development of new data storage options or micro actuators for ...
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New solutions for power plant noise emissions

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the technology group Wärtsilä have completed a three-year project funded by Business Finland, which created new solutions for power plant noise emissions. New ...
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How can cities better appeal to tech entrepreneurs?

The presence of technology startups can drive economic growth for their home cities. So how can cities better appeal to entrepreneurs? A new study from the McCombs School of Business ...
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New modes of immersive virtual environments

Imagine being inside Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Collaborative Research Augmented Immersive Virtual Environment Laboratory (CRAIVE Lab), which features a front-projection 360-degree panoramic display to immerse you visually, while 134 loudspeakers render ...
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Titanium-copper alloys could be a new 3D printing option for aerospace and medical devices

Successful trials of titanium-copper alloys for 3D printing could kickstart a new range of high-performance alloys for medical device, defence and aerospace applications. Current titanium alloys used in additive manufacturing ...
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advanced materials

A new automated system makes it easier for non-experts to create polymers

A Rutgers-led team of engineers has developed an automated way to produce polymers, making it much easier to create advanced materials aimed at improving human health. The innovation is a ...
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3rd Annual Automotive Thermal Management Conference

In the era when technologies develop faster day by day, it is essential to stay informed and updated about recent trends and developments in the industry sector. Particularly automotive industry ...
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€nergIT 2020 – B2B MATCH MEETING

€nergIT 2020 an international brokerage event targeted at all stakeholders interested in the Energy and Information Technology to create new business opportunities and/or consortium to apply for European funding calls. The ...
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