The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch” and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning “to contact” or “to touch”.

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Haptic technology will be more remarkable than any breakthrough in the past technology

Haptic technology will change the way we live and interact with technology in the future. As mobile devices to act more like an extension of our body, so that the connected smart devices will act as an extension of our environments, allowing us to control the world around us in a unimaginable way.

Wearable electronic stickers may save lives of heart patients, athletes

Heart surgery can be traumatic for patients. Having to continuously monitor your status without a doctor when you are back home can be even scarier. Imagine being able to do ...
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World Tolerance Summit 2018

The World Tolerance Summit 2018 is a unique platform for global leaders and community experts to address challenges associated with creating ensuring peaceful prosperity in societies with diverse populations. It ...
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Audits in 2019 will examine all those areas to establish whether the EU is delivering what it has promised

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) today published its work programme for 2019, in which the auditors give details of their audit priorities and the reports they intend to publish ...
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Research and innovation for advanced Li-ion cells

Specific Challenge: The high growth rate of electrified vehicles (xEV) with substantial unit forecasts is driving the demand for electrochemical battery cells. To achieve a significant market share for European ...
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Pliable micro-batteries for wearables

There is a new technology gripping the markets of the future – technology to wear. Wearables, as they are known, are portable systems that contain sensors to collect measurement data ...
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Annual Investment Meeting 2019

Global FDI flows and greenfield investment have declined on average with 15% over 2017 according to UNCTAD and FDI Intelligence. Although trade flows are still stable, we may see similar ...
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AIM Startup 2019

Launched in 2017, AIM Startup, an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy, aims to connect promising startups with investors and business partners from all around the world. It is ...
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WHEC (World Healthcare Exhibition & Conferences) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25-27 July 2019

WHEC 2019 will be the most effective platform for business generation and technological growth in the healthcare, medical, and biomedical industry, and the main platform for the introduction of the ...
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smart haptics

Smart Haptics 2018

As the first industry driven haptics conference, Smart Haptics 2018 will take place in La Jolla, CA on December 5-6 and will bring together multiple end use industries including medical, ...
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A new type of camera that could greatly improve the ability of cars to spot hazards in challenging imaging conditions

Inspired by the visual system of the mantis shrimp—among the most complex found in nature--researchers have created a new type of camera that could greatly improve the ability of cars ...
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A new bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable Europe

Today the Commission has put forward an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy that serves Europe's society, environment and economy. As announced by President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans in their letter ...
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Smart textiles will be used to treat skin wounds

Drug-releasing textiles could, for instance, be used to treat skin wounds. Empa researchers are currently developing polymer fibers that can be equipped with drugs. The smart fibers recognize the need ...
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