World’s largest blast furnace

World’s largest blast furnace

Danieli Corus has signed a contract with Severstal for the reline of blast furnace No. 5 at their Cherepovets plant in Russia. As part of this project, the blast furnace shell, refractories and cooling system will be replaced and the scope of work for the majority of these items is based on design, supply and construction and commissioning supervision.

Following the outstanding achievements with blast furnace No. 4, which was converted by Danieli Corus to a “Hoogovens” type cooling and lining system in 2005, Severstal has decided to apply this technology to their flagship blast furnace as well. This cooling and lining design is based on machined copper plate coolers in combination with high conductivity graphite, which is the only design with proven capability of achieving campaign lengths in excess of 20 years regardless of ironmaking process circumstances.

In addition to copper staves installed in the taphole area, the furnace will be equipped with a full ring of copper stave coolers in the upper hearth.

After completion of the projects, Severstal Cherepovets No. 5 will have a 6117 m³ inner volume, making it the largest blast furnace in the world. The furnace has 40 tuyeres and 4 tapholes and is designed for an annual production of more than 4.7 million tons of hot metal. The reline is scheduled to commence in early 2020, with deliveries of materials to site taking place in 2019.

The Cherepovets plant started producing steel in 1955. In 1993, the then state–owned plant was transformed into an open joint–stock company under the name “Severstal”. Its current output is approximately 11.5 million tons of steel per annum.

Source: Danieli