Samsung ARTIK™ Smart IoT Platform Delivers the Power of IoT Development to Businesses

Samsung ARTIK™ Smart IoT Platform Delivers the Power of IoT Development to Businesses

Samsung Electronics today introduced its expanded SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart Internet of Things (IoT) platform featuring two new module families, ARTIK 0 and ARTIK 7, new device management capabilities in SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Cloud and an expanded partner ecosystem. The result is a complete IoT development solution to help companies take their IoT projects from concept to reality in record time.

According to a recent research study by 451 Group, 65 percent of enterprises are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize their services and product offerings. With the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform, many of these enterprises now can build IoT solutions to further transform their businesses and enter new markets.

artik-smart-iot-platform_main_1_1Today, businesses struggle to build IoT solutions in-house. They have to grapple with the tasks of building a scalable infrastructure, adding new expertise and managing cumbersome integrations. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Smart IoT end-to-end platform provides companies with all the upfront IoT hardware and software they need, so they can focus on developing disruptive IoT products quickly and simply.

“IoT is one of Samsung’s major strategic areas of focus and growth,” said Dr. Byungse So, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer for the Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center. “By enabling the product-development cycle to flourish, we can help usher in the next generation of IoT innovation. We’re paving the way for companies to reimagine how these new devices, apps and services can impact everyday life to address global challenges.”

Internal groups at Samsung are leveraging the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform to build fresh new IoT solutions of their own. For example, Samsung’s Consumer Electronics division has leveraged the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform to create an IoT smart air purifier. “The SAMSUNG ARTIK platform allowed us to cost-effectively build prototypes of our new solution and quickly get it to market,” said Youngsoo Do, Senior Vice President of Digital Control Group, Samsung Electronics. “With the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform, we also have the ability to connect intelligently to other smart devices, as well as to the cloud, which enables new use cases.”

An End-to-End IoT Solution

The SAMSUNG ARTIK Smart IoT platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security and partner ecosystems in a single offering so that enterprises can reduce the time, cost and risk typically associated with the delivery of complex IoT solutions. Unlike other IoT platforms, the SAMSUNG ARTIK Smart IoT platform makes it easy to build IoT products and services by addressing the complexity of IoT with easy-to-use, open and enterprise-grade APIs, SDKs and tools. Key additions to the new SAMSUNG ARTIK platform include:

  • ARTIK 0 family: The ARTIK 0 family of modules enables low-power, lightweight, cost-optimized devices targeted at end-devices including HVAC, lighting, industrial sensors, personal health monitoring and more. The modules are built on power-optimized ARM® Cortex®-M microcontrollers and support low-power wireless standards, such as the ZigBee®, Thread®, or Bluetooth® Smart standards. They save customers time and money by providing a complete connectivity solution, including networking stacks, radio frequency (RF) components and precertification for regulatory approval.
  • ARTIK 7 family: The ARTIK 7 family of modules is intended for high-end gateways and multimedia applications. With an 8-core 64-bit Cortex A-53 processor, the modules work well as gateways and also allow customers to run local analytics, which enables offloading of cloud computing locally to boost latency and responsiveness. The ARTIK 7 module provides unrivaled connectivity, with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread and GbE MAC interfaces. It has a high-end multimedia processor for video and audio processing. The pre-installed Linux® operating system (OS) speeds time to revenue by providing a powerful OS supported by an extensive developer community.  The ARTIK 7 module is RF pre-certified and features enterprise-class security.
  • Device management: the new SAMSUNG ARTIK modules are designed to work out of the box with the powerful SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud, an open data-exchange platform that connects devices, applications and other clouds, enabling the Interoperability of Things. Device manufacturers can now monitor and manage their fleet of deployed devices, both edge nodes and gateways, using SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud. They can uniquely identify each device, monitor its connectivity status, manage properties, such as firmware version and battery levels, and remotely execute functions on the device, including reboot, factory reset, firmware update, and reset error code.

An Expanded Partner Ecosystem

Today’s announcement is further endorsed by the addition of leading global distributors, service providers and technology solution partners. Together these partners provide a wide range of services and capabilities to help companies seamlessly build innovative IoT solutions and get them to market faster.

“Naver is leveraging the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform and partner ecosystem to introduce a new voice-controlled smart home assistant called AMICA as an entry into the world of IoT,” said Chang Song, CTO of Naver Corporation, a leading portal in Korea that invests heavily in the development of new technologies. “AMICA, running on the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform, will enable advanced natural language processing that can usher in exciting new IoT applications and consumer products. By partnering with Samsung, we can effectively grow our opportunities in IoT across Asia. Additionally, Naver developers can soon access SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud via a single sign-on, which will further speed new product development.”

“The SAMSUNG ARTIK platform delivers modular solutions with integrated connectivity and cloud enablement,” said Aiden Mitchell, Vice President of Global IoT Solutions at Arrow Electronics.  “We are pleased to support the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform with its low-power edge, control and gateway solutions, as the integration will help speed customers in their IoT development and time to market.”

“Samsung is a key partner and we look forward to offering our customers the option to purchase SAMSUNG ARTIK modules, thereby providing them with a powerful new way to build IoT products,” said Yunshik Kim, Executive Vice President at MUJIN. “We support Samsung’s vision for an end-to-end IoT platform and we are excited to take this step together as the Korean distributor for SAMSUNG ARTIK modules.”

As a proud member of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a leading IoT industry standard group, Samsung is also bringing open IoT technologies to advance interoperability between connected devices and enable the full operating potential of IoT by leveraging the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform and IoTivity open-source software.

The new SAMSUNG ARTIK modules are available for order immediately and worldwide through distribution partners, Arrow, Digi-Key and Mujin.  You can find more information about the Samsung ARTIK platform and development tools at

About the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC)
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Source: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.