MVRI 2019 – Dataklas Medical Software

DATAKLAS MEDICAL SOFTWARE – Innovative software solution specifically designed to increase the quality of treatment

DATAKLAS MEDICAL SOFTWARE was presented by Ovidiu Seceleanu (Software Entreprise Manager HTSS) at MVRI 2019 – Virtual Reality Immersion International Medical Conference on April 12, 2019 at the Central Hotel Ploiesti.

The software was really appreciated by ITC Specialists from public hospitals.


  • Health Card – Outcome: 100% CASH settlement
    • By distributing (decentralizing) signing the card to the places where it happens;
    • By using the webservices provided by the SIUI system;
    • By using off-line signing (few seconds of signing and retaining the patient in unit per operation).
  • Protocol – Treatment Security, Audit and Time Decrease
    • Creating templates with the composition of a procedure that can be accessed and selected directly by medical staff with a few clicks;
    • Use of existing patient data in setting and precalculation of some indices (eg patient weight and height, and body surface area for chemotherapy treatment).
  • Reception / administration – More and more patient flow – tail removal
    • Organized by programmed activities specific to each medical unit;
    • Easy data collection and use of external systems (DES) to automate the initial demographic and medical data input;
    • Scanning the patient’s external documents and assigning them to each patient for consultation by medical staff;
    • Patient tracking through electronic systems (eg use of card to mark presence in waiting rooms on tablets);
    • Automated generation of legal formalities imposed (observation charts, consents, contracts, etc.).

For more information about Dataklas Medical Software, please contact Ovidiu Seceleanu (Software Entreprise Manager HTSS) –