Wearable Ultrasound for the Blind

Wearable Assistive Technology that helps the visually impaired navigate the world around them.

the buzzThe BuzzClip uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie directly in one’s path. It then notifies you of these obstacles through intuitive vibrations, allowing you to safely navigate around any objects that you may walk into. Once the BuzzClip detects any obstacles within the range you have specified, it will start to vibrate. The closer you get to obstacles such as walls and overhanging branches, the vibrations will intensify accordingly.

blindThe BuzzClip offers essential head and upper body level detection that standard canes or guide dogs do not address. When it is clipped around one’s upper chest area, the BuzzClip will detect oncoming obstacles from about your waist till just above the top of your head.

The BuzzClip can be easily attached to many forms of clothing in different locations making it a highly versatile and useful device. It can be attached to sleeves as well as the lining of your belt so that you cover any areas where you are unable to pick up objects or where your vision may be restricted. You can also use multiple BuzzClips at once, allowing you to get greater 360-degree coverage.


  • The sensor is located above the main body on the smaller sensor arm.
  • The sensor has a circular rubber ring around it so that it is easy to locate and identify.
  • The sensor must always be exposed and facing outwards.


  • A spring loaded arm is located on the back of the main body
  • The vibrator motor is housed at the tip of this spring-loaded arm.
  • Even when you are wearing loose clothing, simply release the arm and it will naturally come forth, allowing the vibration arm to make direct contact with your skin.


  • The BuzzClip can easily last up to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Charging your BuzzClip is easy, just connect it to a power source by using the USB cable and is rechargeable through a micro-USB port that is located on the left side of the main body.
  • When you switch the BuzzClip on, it will indicate its current battery level through vibration:
  • 4 vibrations indicates that the battery is above 75%.
  • 3 vibrations indicates the battery is between 50% – 75%
  • 2 vibrations indicates the battery is between 25% – 50%
  • 1 vibration indicates that the battery is less than 25%,


  • The metal spring clip features a rubber layer in order for better grip and to secure the BuzzClip firmly onto your clothes.
  • The spring clip has been designed for a range of different thicknesses from light summer wear to heavy winter clothing.
  • The BuzzClip also has a metal ring behind the sensor arm. This is so that it can be worn like a necklace, ensuring secure attachment and that it won’t be dropped or lost.

The BuzzClip product was launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo Campaign