Best practices handbook for legislation implemented to inventions at work

CopertaIn project frame “Improving the monitoring electronic data on activities and infrastructures of research and development by implementing modern technologies of ICT in order to serve the information needs of service recipients MEN ‘(ICT) has developed the ”Book of Practice law Enforcement to inventions at work”.

The handbook implements what was agreed in June 2014 by the European Commission, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the provision of the MoU signed with the Government in July 2013, in connection with the entry into force of Law no. 83/2014 concerning the inventions at work.

Handbook mission is to identify the best ways and the benefits obtained from applying to inventions at work, methods for reducing the gap between research and innovation, improving skills and cooperation between producers and users of knowledge to address societal challenges of common interest. Place the foundation of a new relationship between employees and their employers conducting invention, encouraging inventive potential of the highly skilled. Efforts are focused on the subject of strengthening cooperation in order to develop a “Common Knowledge and Innovation Space”.

The handbook can be useful to both employers and employees, providing information for capitalizing fairly effective legal and intellectual property resulting from work.

Best Practices Manual is informative, not normative. It can be adapted to the needs identified both at institutional and individual levels.

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