Advanced Fingerprint Sensor That Rejects Fakes

Goodix, a world leader in innovative human interface solutions for mobile devices, will announce new biometric and smart wearable technologies and products, and showcase its full line of fingerprint and touchscreen solutions at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2016, which will be held in Barcelona from Feb. 22 to 25.

Goodix-MWC1With the expanding use of mobile devices, ensuring security is a challenge for the industry. At MWC 2016, Goodix will announce an advanced fingerprint identification technology that enhances security by sensing the users’ pulse to reject spoofs created from molds or ink prints.

Goodix will also unveil the force-sensitive Newton Touch™ technology, as well as its first wearable technology product, which enables a smart earphone that can measure heart rate while users are enjoying music or doing exercise.

With multiple, world-first innovations in new technology, Goodix has become one of the world’s top players in the fingerprint and touchscreen markets. Goodix was recognized with two CES 2016 Innovation Awards for outstanding design and engineering. Its Invisible Fingerprint Sensor IFS™, and Goodix Link™ both won in the embedded technologies category, the first time a Chinese integrated circuit designer captured this award.

The IFS™ is the world’s first fingerprint sensor integrated with the touch panel, which allows slim smartphone designs without cutouts to the phone’s front glass or back cover. Goodix Link™ allows data transmission by touching two device screens to each other.

Goodix will showcase both of those technologies, along with its full line of fingerprint and touchscreen solutions at MWC 2016.

Source: Goodix