TruePosition’s TrueFix® Location System Now Available for IoT Solutions

TruePosition Inc., a leading provider of wireless location solutions and a subsidiary of Liberty Broadband Corporation, announces the release of its Machine to Machine/Internet of Things (M2M/IoT) location product.  The TrueFix system’s M2M/IoT capabilities will enable M2M platform providers, operators, chipset manufacturers and system integrators to significantly improve their ability to locate devices for applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, or resource tracking among others.

TruePositionTruePosition’s TrueFix M2M/IoT solution provides an Ultra-Light Software Development Kit (SDK) with minimal bandwidth, device memory and power consumption requirements that is suitable for small devices.  The solution uses a binary protocol to send and receive location data, with all transmissions secured by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).  Direct HTTPS access to the platform’s API is also available for devices on which installing the SDK is not desirable. Connected devices can communicate with TrueFix over their existing backhaul channels including 3GPP, WiFi, LoRa, or other protocols.

The TrueFix location system is an enterprise-grade platform built for emergency call location, resource tracking, M2M/IoT and enterprise applications that require accurate, private and secure location.  At the core of the TrueFix platform is the TruePosition Wi-Fi location solution powered by the Skyhook Wireless Wi-Fi database.  Unlike Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS), which does not perform (or performs poorly) in signal denied environments such as indoors or in dense urban areas, the TrueFix Wi-Fi solution accurately locates devices in all environments.  Z-Axis (vertical) location is available for phones and devices equipped with barometric pressure sensors.  The system is scalable, cost effective, and available in a cloud-based or on-premises implementation.

“IoT is a key growth area that is poised to take off,” said Rob Anderson, TruePosition’s Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology and Chief Technical Officer (CTO).  “Forecasts call for billions of M2M devices to be deployed over the next several years.  Our TrueFix IoT solution fills an important niche of providing an inexpensive and non-intrusive way to locate those devices, particularly in GPS-denied environments.”

TruePosition is seeking partners to develop and innovate end user solutions using the TrueFix platform. Demonstration software, via a hosted solution, and a Raspberry PI hardware module are available today.  Contact TruePosition at for more information.


TruePosition has been developing, designing and deploying mission-critical geolocation solutions since 1992.  Their rich history in public-safety-focused geolocation solutions has provided us with unmatched experience and expertise in location technologies and applications.  Our technology portfolio and partner network enables us to specify and deploy the location solution that best fits the needs and budget of our customers. TruePosition is owned by Liberty Broadband Corporation (

Source: TruePosition