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Use of forecasting haptic feedback to overcome distance limit in human-to-machine applications

A Tactile Internet is potentially the next phase of the Internet of Things, in which humans can touch and interact ...
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1st IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe

The first IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe is now available to companies and research organizations that wish to ...
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A new sensor monitors in real time how stressed you are

Skoltech researchers have developed a prototype of a fluorescence-based sensor for continuous detection of cortisol concentrations in real time, which ...
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The ‘last mile’ of a future mission to the Moon

Researchers from Skoltech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have analyzed several dozen options to pick the best one in ...
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Eco-friendly flying is on the horizon

All over the world, researchers are developing new technologies to achieve this goal. One focus of developments is the idea ...
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Smart factory using AI methods

Small parts can cause big problems. Worn or defective components in industrial plants can bring an entire production process to ...
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So-called space-time crystals

A German-Polish research team has succeeded in creating a micrometer-sized space-time crystal consisting of magnons at room temperature. With the ...
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New structural battery that performs ten times better

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have produced a structural battery that performs ten times better than all previous versions ...
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haptic technology

Haptic technology as non-contact technology to fight against Covid-19

With the importance of non-contact environments growing due to COVID-19, tactile electronic devices using haptic technology are gaining traction as ...
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Superpowers from ice crystals

At the heart of clouds are ice crystals. And at the heart of ice crystals, often, are aerosol particles – ...
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Electricity from wooden floors

Researchers at Empa and ETH Zurich have made wood compressible and turned it into a micro-generator. When it is loaded, ...
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Nanotechnology paves way for intelligent solar cells

Researchers at Tufts University School of Engineering have created light-activated composite devices able to execute precise, visible movements and form ...
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Efficient solar cells under analysis prediction

North Carolina State University-led researchers have developed an analytical measurement “framework” which could allow organic solar cell researchers and manufacturers ...
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A new quantum computation protocol where the client has the option of encrypting his input data

Quantum computers promise not only to outperform classical machines in certain important tasks, but also to maintain the privacy of ...
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A new foundation system can significantly improve the safety of infrastructure

Surface rupturing during earthquakes is a significant risk to any structure that is built across a fault zone that may ...
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