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Night vision forever with ultra-thin film

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have developed new technology that allows people to see clearly in the dark, ...
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A green material with many properties

A DTU research team consisting of Malgorzata Gosia Pierchala, Firoz Babu Kadumundi, and Mehdi Mehrali from #TeamBioEngine headed by Alireza ...
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Printed electronics offer the advantage of flexibility and low cost

The demand for flexible wearable electronics has spiked with the dramatic growth of smart devices that can exchange data with ...
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New mediums of communication using haptic technology

With the importance of non-contact environments growing due to COVID-19, tactile electronic devices using haptic technology are gaining traction as ...
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Graphene as a new hardware security device

As more private data is stored and shared digitally, researchers are exploring new ways to protect data against attacks from ...
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A new law of physics opens the door to creating more reliable and functional haptic and robotic devices

Although robotic devices are used in everything from assembly lines to medicine, engineers have a hard time accounting for the ...
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Haptic technology empowered by LED light signals

A Korean research team succeeded in developing a technology generating various vibration using LED light signals. The technology allows various ...
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haptic feedback

A new affordable and accessible haptic force feedback for human-computer interfaces

Imagine being able to build and use a robotic device without the need for expensive, specialist kit or skills. That ...
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Use of forecasting haptic feedback to overcome distance limit in human-to-machine applications

A Tactile Internet is potentially the next phase of the Internet of Things, in which humans can touch and interact ...
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1st IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe

The first IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe is now available to companies and research organizations that wish to ...
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A new sensor monitors in real time how stressed you are

Skoltech researchers have developed a prototype of a fluorescence-based sensor for continuous detection of cortisol concentrations in real time, which ...
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The ‘last mile’ of a future mission to the Moon

Researchers from Skoltech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have analyzed several dozen options to pick the best one in ...
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Eco-friendly flying is on the horizon

All over the world, researchers are developing new technologies to achieve this goal. One focus of developments is the idea ...
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Smart factory using AI methods

Small parts can cause big problems. Worn or defective components in industrial plants can bring an entire production process to ...
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So-called space-time crystals

A German-Polish research team has succeeded in creating a micrometer-sized space-time crystal consisting of magnons at room temperature. With the ...
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