The world’s smallest proximity sensor

Heptagon announced it has developed the world’s smallest near-field optical sensing module based on the company’s state-of-the-art wafer-level miniaturization technology. The new sensor has a thickness of only 350 microns and a 2mm2surface area, which includes a built-in illuminator, light sensor, electronics, crosstalk prevention features, and a lens system. This demonstrates the technology foundation for Read more about The world’s smallest proximity sensor[…]

Time-of-Flight Smart Sensors

Heptagon introduces SHILAH and TRINITY, the next advancement in its Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3DRanger™ sensors in ultra-small form factor. Each sensor can be dynamically configured for a single point or a range of independent measurement points. SHILAH provides 12 highly sensitive measurement points with a 70-degree wide field of view, and TRINITY provides 9 measurement points Read more about Time-of-Flight Smart Sensors[…]