Partnership Opportunity: Horizon Europe Grant Call for Transport Research Dissemination Events

Haptic R&D Consulting, a leading consulting firm specializing in business innovation and technology, is actively seeking to partner in a new consortia under the Horizon Europe Grant Call focused on “Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods” (HORIZON-CL5-2023-D6-01). This grant call aims to support dissemination events that contribute to higher visibility, strategic relevance, and effective communication of transport research and innovation objectives.

The expected outcomes of the project encompass several key areas:

1. Higher visibility, political, and strategic relevance of the transport sector and EU policy in the field.
2. Enhanced dissemination, communication, and valorization of transport research and innovation objectives, perspectives, strategies, and results.
3. More effective links and exchanges between research and innovation stakeholders and policymakers to support the development and deployment of innovative solutions in Europe.
4. Increased attractiveness of transport-related studies and the reinforcement of excellence in European transport research and innovation, recognizing and promoting the best achievements.

The proposed actions will address both Part A and Part B of the grant call:

Part A focuses on preparing and providing support for the Transport Research Arena conference (TRA) scheduled for 2026. The conference will bring together transport stakeholders to discuss political, industrial, and research issues at the European and global levels. The proposal should demonstrate financial and organizational support from national authorities, including a preliminary economic plan covering additional funding needs. Preference will be given to proposals involving Member States holding the Presidency of the European Union in 2025, 2026, or 2027. The TRA conference will address technological and industrial developments across road, rail, waterborne, aviation, and cross-modal aspects, aligning with Europe’s social needs and expectations. Collaboration with relevant actors, European Commission services, European Technology Platforms, and transport-related European partnerships will be crucial for successful planning, coordination, and execution of the conference.

Part B of the proposal aims to organize two competitions for transport research and innovation awards. The competitions will cover all transport modes and cross-cutting issues, including technological, socio-economic, and behavioral aspects. The first competition will target students and young researchers, stimulating their interest in the field of transport research. The second competition will focus on senior researchers and innovative transport concepts based on results from EU-funded projects exclusively.

Haptic R&D Consulting, renowned for its expertise in business innovation and technology, brings valuable insights, strategic guidance, and collaborative capabilities to the proposed consortia. With a strong track record in project management and a deep understanding of the transport sector, Haptic R&D Consulting is well-positioned to contribute to the successful implementation of dissemination events and the achievement of desired outcomes.

For more information about HE Grant Call:

Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)

HORIZON-CSA HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions

04 May 2023
05 September 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time

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