Leading Innovators Set to Join Health Innovation Euregion 2023 in the Netherlands

Haptic R&D Consulting, a leading technology consultancy firm, is pleased to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Health Innovation Euregion 2023 event. Taking place from June 27th to July 7th, 2023 in the Netherlands, this event is a collaborative effort by Medtronic, Medace, LifetecZONe, the municipality of Maastricht, LIOF, Brightlands, and Rabobank. It aims to bring together individuals and organizations passionate about innovation in healthcare and life sciences.

Health Innovation Euregion is a platform designed to foster collaboration and provide support to entrepreneurs and scientists in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. The event recognizes the power of working together and connecting with the right people and groups to realize promising ideas and ambitious goals. By facilitating interactions between emerging and established entrepreneurs, relevant authorities and organizations, investors, and experienced professionals, Health Innovation Euregion creates an environment for networking, partnership building, and knowledge sharing.

As a participant in Health Innovation Euregion 2023, Haptic R&D Consulting is pleased to engage with the vibrant community of innovators and contribute its expertise in technology consultancy. With a strong focus on fostering business growth and driving technological advancements, Haptic R&D Consulting is well-equipped to support entrepreneurs and scientists in navigating the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

“We are happy to be part of Health Innovation Euregion 2023 and to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovation,” said Mr. Daniel CHIRTES, CEO of Haptic R&D Consulting. “By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can collaboratively address the pressing challenges in the industry and create meaningful solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall healthcare ecosystem.”

Haptic R&D Consulting looks forward to engaging in fruitful discussions, forging new partnerships, and sharing insights at Health Innovation Euregion 2023. The event offers a unique opportunity for participants to collaborate, learn from one another, and collectively drive advancements in healthcare and life sciences.

For more information about Health Innovation Euregion 2023 and Haptic R&D Consulting’s participation, please visit Health Innovation Euregion 2023 – Home (b2match.io).

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