Discovering the Future: Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in innovation and research, is happy to announce its participation in the Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event, held in conjunction with the European Platform for Sports Innovation (EPSI) annual conference. The event will take place from 5th to 7th June in Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal), in cooperation with the Regional Government of the Azores.

Organized by CCIPD – The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada, a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network in Portugal, the Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event aims to maximize networking opportunities and synergies with the EPSI Annual Conference.

During the event, HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING will be actively engaged in various activities and sessions, including:

1️⃣ Meeting Partners and Customers: The event offers a platform for HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING to connect with potential partners and customers, fostering valuable collaborations and business relationships.

2️⃣ Discovering New Products & Services: HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING will have the opportunity to explore innovative products and services showcased by other participants, providing insights into the latest advancements in the industry. #InnovationShowcase

3️⃣ Preparing Purchases or Projects: The event facilitates discussions and negotiations for potential purchases or project partnerships, allowing HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING to identify suitable solutions and initiate procurement processes.

4️⃣ Meeting New Suppliers: HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING will engage with new suppliers, expanding its network and exploring potential collaborations that can contribute to the company’s technological advancements and service offerings.

5️⃣ Getting Information about the Latest Trends: The event provides a platform to stay updated on the latest trends, market developments, and industry insights, enabling HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING to remain at the forefront of innovation.

“We are happy to participate in the Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event alongside the EPSI Annual Conference,” said Mr. Daniel CHIRTES, CEO of HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING. “This event presents an excellent opportunity for us to connect with like-minded professionals, explore potential collaborations, and gain valuable industry knowledge. We look forward to engaging with partners, customers, and suppliers to drive innovation and create impactful solutions.”

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING encourages all interested parties attending the Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event to connect and engage with their representatives to explore potential synergies and collaboration opportunities.

For more information about HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING and its participation in the event, please visit Islands of Innovation Matchmaking Event – Sports, Tourism and Social Innovation – Home (

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