Composite Aerostructures and Digital Transformation: A Collective Vision

In a world where the aviation industry is constantly evolving, innovation is the key to staying competitive. As the aviation sector focuses on digital transformation and the advancement of composite aerostructures, Haptic R&D Consulting is excited to announce its intent to bring its expertise to a new consortia and apply for the Horizon Europe Grant Call: “Competitiveness and digital transformation in aviation – advancing further composite aerostructures.”

The aviation industry is experiencing a seismic shift towards composite aerostructures for their lightweight, fuel-efficient, and durable qualities. These advanced materials are not only redefining the industry but also aligning with environmental sustainability goals. This grant call represents an exceptional opportunity to drive the aviation industry’s digital transformation and accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge composite aerostructures.

The Horizon Europe Grant is more than funding; it’s an opportunity to transform aviation, and we’re ready to take flight. – Mr. Daniel Chirtes, CEO of Haptic R&D Consulting.

At Haptic R&D Consulting, we wish to bring our contribution groundbreaking solutions in the fields of haptic technology, composite materials, and digital innovation. Our expertise lies in the intersection of technology and aviation, and we are committed to pioneering the advancement of composite aerostructures.

Our vision is to foster collaborations within the consortia and harness the power of innovation to address the challenges set forth in the grant call. We aim to leverage our deep knowledge of digital technologies, materials science, and haptic feedback systems to enhance the development, production, and maintenance of composite aerostructures.

Our specific areas of focus include:

1. Digital Twin Technology: Implementing advanced digital twin systems to streamline the design and testing of composite aerostructures.

2. Sustainability and Efficiency: Promoting eco-friendly aviation solutions by optimizing composite materials for maximum efficiency and durability.

3. Haptic Simulation: Developing haptic feedback systems to enhance the training and maintenance of composite aerostructures, ensuring safety and performance.

4. Innovation Integration: Introducing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the aviation industry’s competitiveness and digital transformation.

We firmly believe that collaboration within consortia is the driving force behind the successful realization of these ambitious goals. By partnering with experts in materials science, aeronautics, and digital transformation, we aim to propel the aviation industry forward.

As we prepare to be a consortia partner for the Horizon Europe Grant, Haptic R&D Consulting is excited to contribute to the digital transformation and advancement of composite aerostructures in aviation. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded innovators and experts who share our commitment to shaping the future of aviation.

Digital transformation is the runway to the future, and composite aerostructures are the fuel for progress. – Mr. Daniel Chirtes, CEO of Haptic R&D Consulting.

For more information on this grant call and our involvement, please visit the official Horizon Europe Grant Call page here.

Join us on this exciting journey to redefine the aviation industry’s future with digital innovation and composite aerostructures. Together, we can reach new heights in the world of aviation.