Accelerating the Circular Economy: Digital Product Passport Grant Call

Accelerating the Circular Economy: Digital Product Passport Grant Call

The European Commission has launched a new grant call, the Digital Product Passport, aimed at advancing the circular economy and promoting sustainability across various industries. The grant call seeks to deploy and validate Digital Product Passports (DPPs) in at least two value chains, enabling the sharing of key product-related information and fostering circularity. This article delves into the objectives and scope of the grant call, highlighting its expected outcomes and potential impact on businesses, consumers, and regulatory authorities.

The primary objective of the Digital Product Passport grant call is to facilitate the sharing of essential product information crucial for sustainability and circularity. By establishing DPPs, the initiative aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by optimizing product design, manufacturing, use, and end-of-life handling. Additionally, the grant call seeks to create new business opportunities, empower consumers to make sustainable choices, and enable authorities to verify compliance with legal obligations.

The grant call supports a pilot action that will demonstrate the implementation of DPPs in real settings and at scale within at least two value chains. Preference will be given to value chains with complex supply networks or challenging repair, refurbishment, and recycling processes. The DPP information system will rely on international or European standards in various areas, including data carriers and unique identifiers, access rights management, interoperability, data exchange protocols, data storage, data processing, authentication, security, and privacy. The goal is to ensure role-dependent access to information, foster interoperability among different supply chains, and leverage advanced technologies such as the Simpl smart cloud-to-edge middleware platform, tracking and tracing technologies, Internet of Things systems, distributed ledger technologies, cybersecurity methods, and cloud infrastructures like GAIA-X.

Expected Outcomes:
The successful pilot implementation of DPPs in the selected value chains will yield several significant outcomes. Firstly, DPPs will be deployed and validated at scale, providing tangible examples of their effectiveness in enhancing circularity. The grant call also aims to generate a comprehensive report on standardization needs and specifications to ensure interoperability, security, and acceptance by all stakeholders. Valuable recommendations based on lessons learned from the pilot deployments will be formulated for future DPP implementations in other value chains. Furthermore, the grant call expects to create new business opportunities through circular value retention, improved repair and remanufacturing, and enhanced access to data. The DPPs will also empower consumers to make sustainable choices, while enabling authorities to verify compliance with legal obligations.

The Digital Product Passport grant call represents a significant opportunity to drive the circular economy and foster sustainability in various industries. Through the deployment and validation of DPPs, the grant call aims to revolutionize the way product information is shared, accessed, and utilized. By leveraging international and European standards, advanced technologies, and collaborative efforts, the grant call seeks to establish a well-functioning EU Internal Market and ensure the seamless flow of product information across borders. This initiative holds the potential to create a more sustainable future, enhance resource efficiency, and contribute to the EU’s ambitious circular economy goals.

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DIGITAL Action Grant Budget-Based [DIGITAL-AG]

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