(English) A new unique packaging material fully biodegradable

(English) A new unique packaging material fully biodegradable

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Skipping Rocks Lab is an innovative sustainable packaging start-up based in London. Our mission is to provide sustainable packaging technologies to companies as an alternative to plastic packaging. We are pioneering the use of natural materials extracted from seaweed, to create materials with low environmental impact. Our first product, Ooho, is disrupting the hydration-on-the-go market.

Skipping Rocks Lab intends to become the “Tetrapak” of sustainable packaging. We will sell the materials, the machinery and the branded products that put seaweed at the forefront of all packaging.

We are concerned with the impact of the packaging industry on resources, pollution and the environment. 36bn plastic bottles are consumed each year and that number is growing at 4% per annum. Producing a 1L PET bottle consumes up to 7L of water, 200g of crude oil, and will generate 30g of waste that will take 700 years to decompose. This waste often ends up in the marine environment and even enters our food chain through consumption by fish.

More than 30% of these bottles are 500mL or less, representing a considerable amount of waste for drinking on the go (5 min use on average). Our aim is to make packaging with a shelf-life that better matches our use-and-dispose consumer habits.


Ooho is our unique packaging material, that allows us to encapsulate water and juices in flexible, fully biodegradable bite-sized packets! It is the most sustainable disposable alternative to plastic bottled water on the market. They are 100% made of seaweed and plants so they biodegrade in just 4-6 weeks, and our material is so natural that it is actually edible! It also requires significantly less CO2 and energy to produce an Ooho than an equivalent PET plastic bottle or cup, making Ooho the most environmentally friendly disposable solution to drink on the go.

This summer we will be selling our own brand of flavoured waters & health shots at shops, festivals and running events. They come in three sizes, 20ml, 55ml and 150mls and flavours include: minty fresh; elderflower; blackcurrant; orange; ginger shots and hot shots. Going forward we will work with brands to encapsulate their drinks, and with retailers to have Ooho production capability in every store.

We are developing a commercial machine to produce Oohos quickly and in large quantities. The machine will also be able to make Oohos that are bigger and of different shapes. These water “sachets” will replace water and drinks bottles for hydration-on-the-go. Expect to see Oohos at every sustainable festival and running event in 2018!

Investment Opportunity

We have now closed our seed round having raised £850k in just over 3 days on Crowdcube! We are really pleased to have almost 1000 new investors and are excited to get down to work to fully commercialise Ooho, and achieve the potential impact we can have on packaging waste.

The primary target for this 12-month period is to mechanize the current Ooho production process and develop a market-ready machine capable of producing Oohos automatically. The machine will reduce the cost per unit to be competitive with plastic. We plan to lease machines and sell our proprietary input material to retailers, to package their own water and other soft-drinks on site. We also plan to sell water Oohos directly to consumers at large sporting and entertainment events.

Alongside mechanizing Ooho production, the company will use funds from the equity raise to develop our second product, which should have an early prototype completed by year end.

Check here for more info about Ooho product –  http://www.skippingrockslab.com/