Cuvantul haptic, in greaca: ἁπτικός (haptikos), ce face referire “la simtul atingerii” si provine din verbul grecesc ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, adica “contact” sau “atingere”.

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Tehnologia haptica va fi una remarcabila aducand progres in comparatie cu tehnologia actuala

Tehnologia haptica va schimba modul în care trăim și vom interacționa cu tehnologia în viitor. Ca dispozitive mobile pentru a actiona mai mult ca o extensie a corpului nostru, astfel incat dispozitivele inteligente conectate vor actiona ca o extensie a mediilor noastre, permitandu-ne sa controlam lumea din jurul nostru intr-un mod inimaginabil.

Digital Europe programme for 2021-2027

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union yesterday reached a provisional political agreement on the first-ever Digital Europe programme, part of the EU's long-term budget presented by the Commission ...
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Why does the EU need to set rules increasing fairness and transparency for online platforms?

Online platforms provide entrepreneurs with vast opportunities for fast and efficient access to EU consumer markets, which is why they have become the go-to place for millions of businesses, big ...
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Haptic R&D Consulting Partners with the Smart Home Expo

We are delighted to be official partners of the Smart Home Expo, the UK's ultimate event for the smart technologies revolutionising the way we live, coming to the NEC Birmingham ...
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Falsified medicines: new rules to enhance patients’ safety

The falsification of medicines has remained a serious threat to public health in the EU for too long. As of tomorrow, the new rules on safety features for prescription medicines ...
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Neuromorphic device on the way to creating technology that mimics the human brain

A new transistor based on organic materials has been developed by scientists at Linköping University. It has the ability to learn, and is equipped with both short-term and long-term memory ...
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General state of children’s health in EU Member States

In 2017, more than 95% of children in the European Union (EU) were considered to be in good or very good general health. This percentage changes only slightly by age ...
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Conference Medical Virtual Reality Immersion 2019

The conference brings experts from all over the world and update info about the last research and developments of technology information dedicated exclusively to telemedicine with immersion through virtual reality ...
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Oman Mining Expo is an international event that highlights the potential of mineral and mining industries in Oman in relation to the country’s current industrial development and the government’s initiatives ...
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3rd Annual Automotive Seating Innovation Summit

ABOUT THE SUMMIT Curtis Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the 3rd Annual Automotive Seating Innovation Summit, scheduled for the 17th and 18th of June, 2019 in Barcelona ...
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Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019

Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019 – 10-11 April 2019 – Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019 is a 2 day conference and exhibition addressing ...
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How artificial intelligence may impact our lives to building resilient societies

Science meets Parliaments. The Role of Science in 21st Century Policy-Making On 6-7 February, Commissioner for Education, Youth, Culture and Sport, responsible for the Joint Research Centre, Tibor Navracsics will host a high-level ...
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International trade in services

The European Union (EU) surplus in trade in services, which had fallen between 2013 and 2016, increased to €191.8 bn in 2017. This is the result of EU exports of ...
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