Wireless Charging 2017-2027

The unique commercially oriented report Wireless Charging 2017-2027: Phones, Cars etc. is packed with detailed market and technical analysis with many new infograms, conference slides, roadmaps and ten year forecasts 2017-2027. It is based on global research by PhD level multi-lingual analysts in 2016-7 with frequent updates. The lead author has followed the subject for 20 years and is a globally acknowledged authority on the subject.

The Executive Summary and Conclusions is insightful, detailed yet easily assimilated. An introduction gives an overview of the background and technologies with a frank assessment of why most manufacturers and analysts have been over-optimistic about the use, though not always the deployment of these systems in the past and the significance for the future of new capabilities such as long range phone charging. Other chapters embrace the different applications, technologies and roadmaps.

Wireless Charging 2017-2027: Phones, Cars etc. primarily discusses mobile phone and electric cars charging but showing how much the same arguments apply to many electrical and electronic goods, particularly mobile ones. Most analysts forecasting sales of contactless charging systems for phones and pure electric cars have over-estimated both over the last 15 years. In response to customer demands, many other aspects were being fixed first. People wanted better features and more of them with their phones, larger screens and so on. Electric cars were held back by range anxiety, high upfront price, poor resale price and the need to change driver behaviour such as driving more carefully and finding and using charging stations, usually incompatible ones with a profusion of different payment methods and Tesla ones banned to anyone else. These impediments are gradually being overcome, so consumer needs relevant to wireless charging come nearer to the top nowadays. Beware though. This report exposes how the charging needs and solutions for phones and the like have important differences from the needs and uses for vehicles and, contentiously, it translates this into value sales for electric vehicles overtaking those for phones within the decade.

The report is extremely comprehensive. It looks at the activities of many developers and manufacturers and their potential customers and users. The enthusiasm of suppliers shown in new interviews is tempered by twenty year of experience for IDTechEx and new opinion from key companies such as Ford assessing the technology in 2017. IDTechEx is best placed to provide a balanced view having recently researched reports on a number of related subjects recently. Indeed IDTechEx stages conferences and exhibitions on these aspects and the core topic of wireless charging so the report contains slides and answers from interested parties that are not generally available.

Wireless Charging 2017-2027: Phones, Cars etc. reveals how mobile phone users do not want contactless charging as such but rather they need no loss of use through lack of charge. It contrasts electric vehicles where the act of plugging in in public places can be a physical strain, dirty and dangerous but the environment is more challenging than with phones due to roads being dug up, animals potentially getting irradiated, ground clearance varying greatly and obscuration a problem. However, the reader can form their opinion based on inputs from all parts of the value chain and from other interested parties. To dig deeper on certain aspects, IDTechEx has many new reports and consultancy services on allied topics such as post-lithium batteries, extreme lightweighting, mobile robotics and wearable electronics and this knowledge is used for benchmarking and scene setting in this report.

The report is essential reading because it supports brand enhancement for those making and selling electronics and electrics including electric vehicles land, water and air. It reveals the future for component manufacturers supporting these companies and the evolving competitive landscape. It is the most insightful and up to date source as well as being easily grasped yet rich in detail mostly from inputs in 2017 and updates. In this field, a report only one year old can miss the most important companies, technologies and issues.

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