Visier Launches New Applied Big Data Solution for Healthcare Providers

Visier, the leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced the launch of a new Applied Big Data solution for healthcare providers. VisierTM Workforce Intelligence for Healthcare includes workforce analytics and planning capabilities that are purpose-built to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers — including connecting workforce dynamics to patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Visier-Workforce-Intelligence-Cycle“The healthcare industry today is facing a perfect storm,” says John Schwarz, CEO and Founder, Visier. “On one hand there has been unprecedented growth in demand for healthcare services. On the other, market and regulatory pressures require hospitals to continuously improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs and readmission rates to obtain full value from insurance reimbursements. The biggest factor in both dimensions is the workforce: a highly specialized and very mobile group of skilled caregivers who are constantly in short supply.”

The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Healthcare Providers

As a result of healthcare reform, healthcare providers are facing new pressures: in just the last few years as many as 18 million more people have healthcare coverage. At the same time, the population is aging and people are living longer with chronic medical conditions: by 2030 more than 20% of US residents will be 65 or older, compared to 13% in 2010.

Healthcare reform has also placed new pressures on hospitals: connecting patient satisfaction, measured through the standardized Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, and patient readmissions directly to Medicare and Medicaid payments.

The Connection between the Workforce and Patient Outcomes

“The healthcare workforce is the primary driver of patient satisfaction and outcomes,” says Schwarz. “Healthcare providers are more motivated today than ever before to measure, understand, and plan how they hire, develop, engage, and retain their workforce. At Visier we have certainly seen this reflected in hot demand from the industry for our Workforce Intelligence solutions.”

Critical Workforce Intelligence Capabilities for Healthcare

With Visier Workforce Intelligence for Healthcare, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other providers can now answer hundreds of critical questions about their specialized workforces, such as:

  • How are vacant positions or rates of sick leave affecting the HCAHPS scores?
  • Does higher employee engagement lead to higher patient satisfaction?
  • Do more experienced and better qualified teams have lower patient readmission rates?
  • Which key members of staff are most likely to leave?
  • How can we better plan for the retirement of experienced nursing staff?

As well, with Visier healthcare providers can ensure they build the right workforce to meet their future requirements, in time. This includes the ability to:

  • Understand the current workforce costs and forecast based on multiple scenarios
  • Integrate data from a merged hospital in weeks and use this to plan the new organization
  • Identify the cost impacts of altering the balance of contingent and permanent staff
  • Apply and adjust historic trends for turnover and cost changes to develop and monitor detailed workforce plans
  • Easily and securely share plans and analyses to business stakeholders to enhance decision making and on target delivery


Source: Visier