An ultra portable set of Macro and Micro mini-lenses for smartphones and tablets

BLIPS is an ultra portable and very affordable set of Macro and Micro mini-lenses for smartphones and tablets. It will transform your personal devices in portable digital microscopes.

BLIPS has been developed within the neuroscience labs of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

This innovative product is now live on Kickstarter it was launched May the 10th and the goal of € 15.000 was fully funded in less than 72 hours.

The project was released on the most relevant blogs and magazines all over the world.

BLIPS, the world’s thinnest and lightest set of microscope lenses for smartphone and tablets.

BLIPS is so slim that you can connect it to your device and keep it in your pocket without having to worry about losing it.


BLIPS provides two different magnification levels for a number of applications in daily life.

MACRO: The best option to observe insects or objects in motion. Its deeper focus allows you to easily follow the subject you are examining.

MICRO: Maximal resolution (ability to see small details) can be achieved by using transmitted light through the subject you are observing (for example using prepared slides and a light source from behind)

BLIPS also comes with an app for Android and iOS which allows you to find the best settings, however BLIPS can be used with any camera app.

BLIPS is super compatible, it works on all models of smartphones and tablets. It is repositionable and reusable: it sticks again and again!

Due to its material BLIPS is highly adjustable, just cut the film using regular scissors and shape BLIPS to fit

any devices. With or without its packaging BLIPS is ultra portable and can easily fit in your pocket or wallet.

Blips requires little maintenance, it is easy to clean due to non-sticky top surfaces.

BLIPS incorporates patent pending technology and sophisticated design in a simple product.

Each element is composed by a specifically designed objective lens placed on a flexible film. No glue is used behind

the lenses, so that there are no residues on the camera once the lens is removed. Two sticky bands, made of a specifically engineered material, are applied on the film. They help to keep BLIPS steady on the device’s surface, whether it is polished or textured, without using unwieldy spring clips pressing against the touch screen of your device.

Created with the intention of combining science and technological innovation, Blips is the result of research conducted by Andrea Antonini and Tommaso Fellin, founders of Smart Micro Optics, a new spin off company of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

Thanks to the collaboration with Atellani, Blips has the opportunity to become reality.

BLIPS is offered exclusively on Kickstarter. Early birds can pre-order the set of two BLIPS Macro & Micro for € 15.00.

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