Top 3 Ways to Secure Data

The notorious cyberattack in 2015 on one of the US Government’s departments, Office of Operation Management (OPM) that resulted in 5.6 million of people’s fingerprints lost during a cyber security breach is just the tip of the iceberg on the prevailing data security issues.

Since 2014, we have seen about 5% increase in cybercrimes and more often than not, data is breached or leaked from system crash, virus attacks, negligence, hacker activity and even power failure or faulty hardware.
With the escalation of cyberattacks, companies often run the risk of falling victim if they do not enforce proper protection or security systems to secure data. For that reason, knowing how to secure data may be able to prevent your company from financial or credibility losses as a result of cyberattacks.

We have shortlisted the top three ways that your company can practice for better data security:

Develop Code of conduct / Company policies

Companies are advised to write their code of conduct in the employment agreement so as to ensure that the employees are legally bound to meet specific provisions. It is also a way to restrict employees’ behaviour by using law and regulations. It acts as a benchmark to guide employee on decision making with regards to ethical questions.
Research done by InfoWatch showed that employees (54%) are the largest group that are guilty of disclosing company data to a third party – whether intentionally or not. A well established code of conduct encompasses an organization’s value, ethics and moral philosophy and doing so can prevent employees from harming the companies’ interest and reputation. Furthermore, employees will feel more responsible when handling companies’ data if they are well aware of the company policies.

Monitoring Online Environment

Monitoring the online environment is a good way to protect your data. Monitoring is about keeping track on the current trend, issues and affairs that are evolving in the social environment. Through reading and observing the latest trend, companies can learn what are the threats or risks involving in data security. This can improve the sensitivity of companies towards current issues.

The online environment needs to be monitored in a 24/7 basis. As such, companies can assign well-trained staffs to monitor companies’ online activities. This is so that unauthorized access or potential cyber attacking can be detected and prevented before crisis happens. Furthermore, this ensures that companies are well aware of their own system. Proper actions and strategic planning can be carried out before the issue turns into crisis.

Develop In-depth defense system

One other method is to install security software to your system to protect your data from being hack or using in illegal activities. With the security system in place, it will be able to detect, prevent, and protect the computer system as well as to solve data management problems. This would provide stricter safeguards to the sensitive information. Currently, there are a number of security systems in the market such as Cloudera’s HPE security, Schneider Electric’s SCADA System, Delphix’s Data Masking Solutions and so on.

Other than that, it is to delete all unwanted files if possible. This is to ensure that your storage system is organized and easy to keep track on. Besides that, allocate all the useful data in a protected file and restrict unauthorized users from access to those files. In addition, frequent updates of the database and backing up data will also be useful to develop an in-depth data security system.

Data Security is one of the main concerns these days and early adoption on big data security initiatives will help organizations reduce potential costs, risks, and deployment anguish. As saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
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