Thermal Management Innovation USA 2019

Thermal Management Innovation USA 2019 provides an in-depth analysis of key battery thermal management solution current challenges, and benchmarks the strategic imperatives for upcoming BTMS technologies, road maps and advancements. The Summit is the industries largest technical meeting for Automotive Thermal Management professionals and foremost communication network for OEMs, technology and solutions providers, Tier1’s, Tier2’s and leading Research Institutes alike. The presentations and networking sessions will highlight the current and future product planning for various manufacturers and their growth potential. Thermal management experts will meet to enhance the performance, efficiency and usability of battery thermal management systems, as well as reduce the cost of adoption for high performance battery-systems.


The Summit will look at OEM profiles, discuss key partnerships in co-developing new technologies and the key technology trends driving enhanced thermal performance at a reduced cost. Batteries require a unique range of issues be taken into consideration. First, detailed models and sub-models are needed to simulate the chemical and physical phenomena inside battery cells; Then, these models need to be tied into a system level model of a battery pack, which can comprise hundreds of cells and cooling circuits. Finally, the battery pack model needs to be integrated with the system model of the entire powertrain and vehicle. Engineers must consider the physical placement of the battery pack within the EV, not only to minimize the effects of ambient temperatures and maximize heat dissipation, but also to avoid excessive mechanical stresses, structural fatigue from road vibrations and potential impact from which passengers must be protected. Our focus across the two days will be to address the current and key challenges, and deliver a rage of technical key note presentations and case studies; as well as encourage delegate participation during expert ‘fire-side chat style’ panel discussions and workshops.

As ever faster and ultra-fast battery charging rates are demanded, higher performance electric vehicles with a requirement for consistent performance and adequate durability in global markets has meant that special and more advanced thermal management methods for the battery pack are now required. We will look at the business environment and key strategies the OEMs in North America plan to use to produce high-performance batteries, and the impact of thermal management systems, both the status of existing technologies and development, and how it will evolve in the future. We look forward to welcoming you to the Summit this November in Detroit.

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