The Hackathon Challenge

As the saying goes, many roads lead to Rome. There are multiple approaches to build smart home applications and just as many communication standards. With the upcoming Smart Home Hackathon we’re putting a new contender in the spotlight: DECT ULE. DECT has been around for long and has become the defacto standard for residential wireless telephony in most parts of the world. The clever folks at DECT have not been sitting idle and have released an extension called Ultra Low Energy (ULE). Compatible with a good part of the installed base of DECT telephony systems, ULE enables low power, long range, low latency and good data rate capabilities to your home. Its capabilities make DECT ULE a strong contender in the Smart Home segment but where the technology really shines is where voice and data applications merge and enable powerful new applications.

The Smart Home Hackathon hosted at B. Amsterdam on 31/5-6/1 2017 is aimed at exploring these new ways of building smart home stuff with seamless integration of sensor data and in- or outgoing phone calls to give notifications or instructuctions.

Leading technology companies including DSP Group, Dialog Semiconductor and integrators/carriers like Deutsche Telekom will make their latest DECT ULE development platforms, tools, boards and sensors available for you to hack into.

Participating in this hackathon not only allows you to unleash your creativity in this segment, it also gives you a good insight on how DECT ULE works, what benefits it has over other standards you may have worked with and you’ll have a chance win substantial prizes, include the Eur 1.500,- prize for best project.

If you’re interested or know someone who would be, don’t be shy, step forward and join the fun. Because we can guarantee you’ll have fun, be looked after well in terms of food and drinks and expand your knowledge of Smart Home technology along the way…