The first desktop waterjet that cuts any hard or soft material with digital precision

Today, WAZER, a recent grad of the HAX Accelerator, launched a crowdfunding campaign for their eponymous desktop waterjet machine which is designed for hobbyists, artisans and small businesses. It is now available on Kickstarter starting at the early bird price of $3,599.wazer

The brainchild of a group of UPenn graduates, WAZER is the first desktop waterjet that cuts any hard or soft material with digital precision. The team was looking for an easy-to- use tool that could make precision cuts in hard materials. Existing desktop digital tools like 3D printers and laser cutters work well for soft materials, but the only affordable method for cutting metal, glass and stone is to use hand operated tools, which is both time consuming and inaccurate.

“We set out to create the very first desktop waterjet cutting machine. WAZER is not just a low-cost tool for hobbies and prototypes – we wanted to empower individuals to turn ideas into durable, finished goods,” said Co-Founder Nisan Lerea.

WAZER takes standard drawing files like .svg or .dxf and cuts out the digital profile in virtually any material. The high velocity jet uses a combination of high pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the work piece.


The high velocity jet uses a combination of high pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the workpiece


  • Is the only desktop machine that cuts virtually everything, including steel, titanium, aluminum, glass, stone, tile and carbon fiber.
  • Achieves detail and accuracy impossible by hand while freeing users up to complete other tasks.
  • Is compact and contained. The waterjet fits in any small workshop. It’s fully enclosed, making it safe, clean and quiet to operate.

“WAZER began as a senior design project at Penn Engineering and has evolved into something much bigger. We’ve dedicated a lot of time developing and further iterating the design and engineering, including spending the last 8 months in Shenzhen, China, as part of HAX,” explained Co-Founder Matthew Nowicki.

WAZER’s Kickstarter campaign runs from September 12 to November 11. For a full rundown of the pledge levels visit their Kickstarter. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent, Jackson Wightman at +1 (514) 605 9255