Internet of Things

The network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity

Level Up Communication with Holographic Techniques

Hologram techniques are already used in our everyday life. A hologram sticker to prevent from counterfeiting money, Augmented Reality navigation ...
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Live chat can increase purchase probability

Live chat tools allow for communication between sellers and buyers. They are popular instruments for e-commerce sites that don’t have ...
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New proof-of-concept project tracks evolving online conversations

Researchers at Caltech have demonstrated that machine-learning algorithms can monitor online social media conversations as they evolve, which could one ...
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Defence against unwanted audio tracking by acoustic cookies

Mobile phones and tablets through so-called audio tracking, can be used by means of ultrasound to unnoticeably track the behaviour ...
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Augmented Reality manuals without any prior knowledge

Using a novel software made in Bochum, paper-based work instructions can be easily translated into Augmented Reality applications. No prior ...
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New modes of immersive virtual environments

Imagine being inside Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Collaborative Research Augmented Immersive Virtual Environment Laboratory (CRAIVE Lab), which features a front-projection 360-degree ...
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haptic technology

A new haptic displays that give players tactile feedback

A group of researchers at Osaka University developed a novel two-dimensional (2D) graphical tactile display to which one-dimensional (1D) adhesive ...
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E-meditation: how to take meditation practices into the future

We live in a society plagued by burnout. Our hyper-connectivity, sustained through the pulse of WiFi, leaves little room for ...
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haptic device

HAPTIC Technology will make you sensing a hug from your friend through a video call

Sensing a hug from your friend through a video call with him/her may become a reality soon. A joint-research team ...
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Preventing identity theft with neural networks

From unlocking smartphones to speeding up airport security checks: the use of automated face recognition for personal identification continues to ...
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Highly immersive simulation visual, auditory and haptic feedback for sailors training

The Sailors file into the room, their weapons ready and their adrenaline flowing. They operate as a team in a ...
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Children eye disorders can be detected by a smatphone app

A Baylor University researcher’s prototype smartphone app — designed to help parents detect early signs of various eye diseases in ...
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Virtual Reality (VR) in Health and Safety training

A new study suggests employee safety could be improved through use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Health and Safety training, ...
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Using VR students can learn better from a drone

he teacher is just as important in a virtual learning environment as in a normal classroom, but a new study ...
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An electronic skin (e-skin) with magnetosensitive capabilities

While birds are able to naturally perceive the Earth’s magnetic field and use it for orientation, humans have so far ...
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