TB Forum 2019

TB Forum (12-14 February, Moscow, Russia) – exhibition of technologies for large-scale projects. Visitors and delegates work with serious threats and risks, build their security system based on the fight against organized attacks and are well trained and equipped with the attackers and groups. Must-attend event for Hi-End security products buyers and vendors.

Some Figures & Numbers:

3 508 top managers, managers and specialists withbudgets from 30 million rubles made the core of TB Forum 2018 audience. This is 58% of visitors.

The rest: state regulators 3%, integrators 10%, building designers and constructors 6%, manufacturers and developers 14%, Private security companies 3%.

74% of the audience take decisions on procurement themselves or collectively, while another 8% participate in the preparation ofdecisions.

TB Forum exhibitors benefit from and enjoy anumber of brand awareness and lead generation support. Being focused on business output (such as amounts of business contacts, leads, visitor satisfaction rates) and moderating the dialogue between vendors and buyers, we create realvalue for exhibitors and sponsors.

TB Forum is 100% relevant to the decision-making schedule of Russia’s major security customers. It is a VIP event on all issuesof national security and the only open event of the security industry forhigh-level customers – government and major corporations. Every year high-levelleaders hold meetings and direct negotiations on major contracts on site of TB Forum. February is the highest local business season after the New Year holidays and before the long spring holiday season. It is the best time fordemonstrating innovative technologies that are in special demand today on the part of both Russian corporate customers and the government. Get an access to ahigh quality audience on TB Forum 2019!

Be part of something bigger!

February 12-14, 2019

Moscow/Crocus Expo

For evaluating opportunities please contact:

Olga Inshakova – inshakova@groteck.ru

Show Director TB Forum