World speed record for polymer simulations

Star polymers are within the most topologically entangled macromolecules. For a star to move the current theory is that one arm must retract to the branch point. The probability of this event falls exponentially with molecular weight, and a quicker relaxation pathway eventually takes over. With a simulation over a hundred times faster than earlier Read more about World speed record for polymer simulations[…]

More powerful electronic devices

In a new article, published in Nature Materials, researchers from Beijing, Uppsala and Jülich have made significant progress allowing very high resolution magnetic measurements. With their method it is possible to measure magnetism of individual atomic planes. Magnetic nanostructures are used in a wide range of applications. Most notably, to store bits of data in Read more about More powerful electronic devices[…]

New study shows how shift work affects cognitive functions

A new study from Uppsala University shows that compared to non-shift workers, shift workers needed more time to complete a test that is frequently used by physicians to screen for cognitive impairment. However, those who had quit shift work more than five years ago completed the test just as quick as the non-shift workers. The Read more about New study shows how shift work affects cognitive functions[…]