Gait authentication to enhance smartphone security

Real-world tests have shown that gait authentication could be a viable means of protecting smartphones and other mobiles devices from cyber crime, according to new research. A study led by the University of Plymouth asked smartphone users to go about their daily activities while motion sensors within their mobile devices captured data about their stride Read more about Gait authentication to enhance smartphone security[…]

Teleportation in the world of making and performing music

Teleportation is most commonly the stuff of science fiction and, for many, would conjure up the immortal phrase “Beam me up Scotty”. However, a new study has described how its status in science fact could actually be employed as another, and perhaps unlikely, form of entertainment – live music. Dr Alexis Kirke, Senior Research Fellow Read more about Teleportation in the world of making and performing music[…]

The treatments and side effects

From major heart surgery to a course of minor drugs, people overestimate the benefits and underestimate the risks of a variety of medical procedures, according to new research. Published in the journal Risk Analysis, the study of 376 adults was led by Professor Yaniv Hanoch from the University of Plymouth School of Psychology, together with Jonathan Read more about The treatments and side effects[…]