Satellites show us how solar parks can affect our climate

Scientists using satellite technologies have discovered for the first time that large scale solar parks have a cooling effect on the land surrounding them. As more countries pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions there will be a greater reliance on renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar energy. However, there is very Read more about Satellites show us how solar parks can affect our climate[…]

Winner DLR Space Administration Challenge

Wall#E: Fibre-Reinforced Spacecraft Walls for Storing Energy The idea behind Wall#E involves integrating energy storage functions into the support structures of spacecraft, which will significantly reduce the mass and volume of satellites without sacrificing performance. To this end, Wall#E utilises fibre-reinforced structures (which enjoy more and more popularity in aerospace engineering) infiltrated with innovative solid-state Read more about Winner DLR Space Administration Challenge[…]

Selfies from Space

DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE:DGI), has shared the first vibrant, crystal-clear images from the Lockheed Martin-built (NYSE:LMT) WorldView-4 satellite, demonstrating the industry-leading resolution, accuracy and agility of its newest imaging spacecraft. With the Lockheed Martin-built WorldView-4 satellite, DigitalGlobe more than doubles its ability to deliver images of Earth at 30-centimeter resolution. That’s sharp enough to identify the Read more about Selfies from Space[…]