Technologies for first responders

Specific Challenge: Resilience is critical to allow authorities to take proper measures in response to severe disasters, both natural (including climate-related extreme events) and man-made. Innovation for disaster-resilient societies may draw from novel technologies, provided that they are affordable, accepted by the citizens, and customized and implemented for the (cross-sectoral) needs of first responders. Scope: Read more about Technologies for first responders[…]

EU Fund CALL – Optimising manufacturing and system operation

Specific Challenge: Renewable electricity technologies still require optimisation in several key processes of the respective value chains in order to achieve a more efficient conversion of their primary energy source into electricity, as agreed with the sectorial stakeholders in the context of the SET-Plan and stated in the respective Declarations of Intent. Scope: Proposals will Read more about EU Fund CALL – Optimising manufacturing and system operation[…]

Materials for non-battery based energy storage

Specific Challenge: Sustainable energy production can only work well when the specific different energy storage challenges are solved. So, solar panels and wind generators do not deliver energy when no sun is shining or no wind is blowing. Batteries may not be the best solution to face all energy storage needs, due to cost, safety Read more about Materials for non-battery based energy storage[…]

Human dynamics of climate change

Specific Challenge: As climatic changes increasingly place populations under pressure, human beings are already adapting. However, less developed countries – particularly in Africa – are often less resilient to climate change and require the deployment of appropriate support to adaptation, including in the form of bespoke climate services tailored to users’ needs. There is some Read more about Human dynamics of climate change[…]

Co-designing Extreme Scale Demonstrators

Specific Challenge: To demonstrate in operational environments the successful integration of technology building blocks developed in previous R&I actions into world-class Extreme Scale Demonstrators. The challenges of power efficiency, resiliency and scalability of these systems require a strong co-design approach driven by ambitious applications involving technology suppliers, system integrators, supercomputing infrastructure providers and user communities, Read more about Co-designing Extreme Scale Demonstrators[…]

Cognitive Mechatronics – EU funds between €5 million and €10 million

Specific Challenge: Autonomy in robotic systems is built on a combination of four core technologies: AI and Cognition: AI provides tools to make systems cognitive. Cognition equips robots with the ability to interact with people and environments, to learn and to categorise, to make decisions and to derive knowledge. Cognitive Mechatronics: Mechatronic systems where sensing and actuation Read more about Cognitive Mechatronics – EU funds between €5 million and €10 million[…]

Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport

Specific Challenge: The drone market is the fastest growing in aerospace, generating high-skilled jobs and enabling innovative services, both in the public sector at large (safety, security, environment monitoring, …) and in the private sector (farming, infrastructure, delivery, inspection, broadcasting, leisure, …), not only by large companies but also by many SMEs including start-ups. More Read more about Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport[…]

Adopting materials modelling to challenges in manufacturing processes

Specific Challenge: Improved decision making for materials producers and product manufacturers needs an environment that gives fast access to information and thereby allows reacting to changing feedstock, markets and regulatory demands. This would need an open translation environment that translates a specific manufacturing challenge into a materials modelling workflow that provides knowledge to support optimal Read more about Adopting materials modelling to challenges in manufacturing processes[…]

Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments

Specific Challenge: The increasing percentage of people living in urban areas and the impact of digital technologies on public services make good governance, inclusive policies, smart planning and social and environmental sustainability ever more important for ensuring the quality of human life. Urban environments and agglomeration effects provide an ecosystem for economic growth and innovation. Read more about Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments[…]

Stimulate the innovation potential of SMEs

Specific Challenge: Providing an effective mechanism for inclusion of innovative, agile SMEs in a landscape characterised by strong presence of public pan-European e-infrastructures (in particular the European Data Infrastructure – EDI) that make it difficult for small actors to enter the market and exploit new business opportunities. Scope: Proposals are expected to propose an outreach Read more about Stimulate the innovation potential of SMEs[…]

Prototyping new innovative services

Specific Challenge: Develop an agile, fit-for-purpose and sustainable service offering accessible through the EOSC hub that can satisfy the evolving needs of the scientific community by stimulating the design and prototyping of novel innovative digital services. Innovative models of collaboration that genuinely include incentive mechanisms for a user oriented open science approach should be considered. Read more about Prototyping new innovative services[…]

Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies

Specific Challenge: The renewable energy technologies that will form the backbone of the energy system by 2030 and 2050 are still at an early stage of development today. Bringing these new energy conversion solutions, new renewable energy concepts and innovative renewable energy uses faster to commercialisation, taking into account social acceptance and secure and affordable Read more about Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies[…]