Enhancing Trust in Artificial Intelligence with Haptic Solutions

In the quest for efficient and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), haptic solutions emerge as a powerful tool that can bridge the gap between human users and AI systems. By incorporating haptic feedback into AI interfaces, companies can enhance user experience, improve transparency, and build trust among stakeholders. Let’s explore how haptic solutions can contribute to Read more about Enhancing Trust in Artificial Intelligence with Haptic Solutions[…]

Pliable micro-batteries for wearables

There is a new technology gripping the markets of the future – technology to wear. Wearables, as they are known, are portable systems that contain sensors to collect measurement data from our bodies. Powering these sensors without wires calls for pliable batteries that can adapt to the specific material and deliver the power the system Read more about Pliable micro-batteries for wearables[…]