Maghreb Health is the leading and largest international trade fair for medical products, equipment, technologies and services in the MAGHREB region. This unavoidable event, which alone brought together more than 6,000 professionals and decision-makers from the public and private sectors throughout the Maghreb region and the Middle East and Africa countries. For its 4th edition Read more about MAGHREB HEALTH 2020[…]

AI Algorithms Can Successfully Determine Breast Density

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm measures breast density at the level of an experienced mammographer, according to a new study published in the journal Radiology. The researchers said the study, the result of a collaboration between breast imagers and AI experts, represents a groundbreaking implementation of AI into routine clinical practice. Breast density can mask Read more about AI Algorithms Can Successfully Determine Breast Density[…]

Artificial Intelligence May Aid in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computer programs to learn when exposed to new data without being programmed. Now, researchers in The Netherlands have coupled machine learning methods with a special MRI technique that measures the perfusion, or tissue absorption rate, of blood throughout the brain to detect early forms of Read more about Artificial Intelligence May Aid in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis[…]