Unveiling the Quantum Computing Odyssey: Embracing the Unseen Power

In the realm of computing, a fascinating journey awaits, one that will reveal untapped potential and extraordinary capabilities. Quantum computing, a cutting-edge venture fueled by the enigmatic laws of quantum mechanics, is set to transform numerous dimensions of the business landscape and beyond. With its mesmerizing computational prowess, quantum computing promises to revolutionize problem-solving and Read more about Unveiling the Quantum Computing Odyssey: Embracing the Unseen Power[…]

A new quantum simulation protocol

For most everyday experiences, such as riding a bicycle, using a lift or catching a ball, classical (Newtonian) mechanics is perfectly accurate. However, at atomic and subatomic scales Nature is described by quantum mechanics, formulated around 100 years ago and famously characterised by theoretical physicist Richard Feynman when he said: “I think I can safely Read more about A new quantum simulation protocol[…]

Quantum Teleportation

Quantum teleportation is a key ingredient in Quantum Information Science. It is one of the most striking demonstrations of the power of quantum mechanics for information processing, allowing for a real transmission of information of an unknown quantum state between two systems that are separated by a macroscopic distance. Besides it serves as a crucial Read more about Quantum Teleportation[…]

Using nanotechnology to create parallel computers

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have utilised nanotechnology to create a biological computer that can solve certain mathematical problems far faster and more energy-efficiently than conventional electrical computers. The research results have now been published in the prestigious publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Conventional computers have contributed to major advances Read more about Using nanotechnology to create parallel computers[…]