programmable material

Metamaterials as new programmable materials

Programmable materials are true shapeshifters. They can change their characteristics in a controlled and reversible way with the push of a button, independently adapting to fit new conditions. They can be used, for example, to make comfy chairs or mattresses that prevent bedsores. To produce these, the support is formed in such a way that Read more about Metamaterials as new programmable materials[…]

Hydrogels enabling the formation of complex 3D shapes and motions

Living organisms expand and contract soft tissues to achieve complex, 3D movements and functions, but replicating those movements with man-made materials has proven challenging. A University of Texas at Arlington researcher recently published groundbreaking research in Nature Communications that shows promise in finding a solution. Kyungsuk Yum, an assistant professor in UTA’s Materials Science and Engineering Department, Read more about Hydrogels enabling the formation of complex 3D shapes and motions[…]