The challenge for electronic skin

What if we didn’t have skin? We would have no sense of touch, no detection of coldness or pain, leaving us inept to respond to any situation. The skin is not just a protective shell for organs, but rather a signaling system for survival that provides information on the external stimuli or temperature, or a Read more about The challenge for electronic skin[…]

Electric vehicle charging up to 90% in 6 minutes

With Telsa in the lead, the electric vehicle market is growing around the world. Unlike conventional cars that use internal combustion engines, electric cars are solely powered by lithium ion batteries, so the battery performance defines the car’s overall performance. However, slow charging times and weak power are still barriers to be overcome. In light Read more about Electric vehicle charging up to 90% in 6 minutes[…]

Unmanned smart factory

Plastic is light, cheap, and can be made into any shape if heated, making it a “gift from the 20th-century god.” The key is to maintain its uniform quality but its sensitivity to process conditions makes processing autonomy difficult. It also takes long to change the process once it is set and real-time optimization is Read more about Unmanned smart factory[…]

Level Up Communication with Holographic Techniques

Hologram techniques are already used in our everyday life. A hologram sticker to prevent from counterfeiting money, Augmented Reality navigation projected in front mirror of a car to guide directions, and Virtual Reality game that allows a user to play in a virtual world with a feeling of live are just a few examples to Read more about Level Up Communication with Holographic Techniques[…]