New research for more green hydrogen

Hydrogen could be an important part of our future energy supply: It can be stored, transported and burned as needed. However, most of the hydrogen available today is a by-product of natural gas production – this has to change for climate protection reasons. The best strategy so far to produce environmentally friendly “green hydrogen” is Read more about New research for more green hydrogen[…]

High-performance from micro-scale solar cells

University of Wisconsin—Madison engineers have created high-performance, micro-scale solar cells that outshine comparable devices in key performance measures. The miniature solar panels could power myriad personal devices — wearable medical sensors, smartwatches, even autofocusing contact lenses. Large, rooftop photovoltaic arrays generate electricity from charges moving vertically. The new, small cells, described today (Aug. 3, 2016) Read more about High-performance from micro-scale solar cells[…]