Semitransparent organic solar cells in eyeglasses to power microprocessor

Organic solar cells are flexible, transparent, and light-weight – and can be manufactured in arbitrary shapes or colors. Thus, they are suitable for a variety of applications that cannot be realized with conventional silicon solar cells. In the Energy Technology journal, researchers from KIT now present sunglasses with colored, semitransparent solar cells applied onto lenses Read more about Semitransparent organic solar cells in eyeglasses to power microprocessor[…]

Novel electronic-photonic integrated circuit debuts

Integrated circuits traditionally have been a domain reserved for electrons, which course through exquisitely tiny transistors, wires and other microscopic structures where the digital calculations and data processing that underlie so much of modern technology unfold. Increasingly, however, chip designers have been acting on a long-ripening vision of enlisting photons instead of, or in tandem Read more about Novel electronic-photonic integrated circuit debuts[…]