SMART FACTORY Expo is Japan’s largest exhibition gathering technologies and products related to smart factories such as IoT/M2M solutions, FA technologies, industrial robots, green energy solutions, and factory equipment, etc. EXHIBIT PROFILE IoT/M2M Solutions Cloud Technologies Security Systems Big Data Technologies PLM/PDM/ERP FA Equipment/Industrial Robots Industrial Robots Control Devices (Sensors, Switches, etc.) FA Equipment AI/Semiconductor Energy Saving/Eco Read more about 3rd SMART FACTORY Expo[…]

New kinematics for milling – customized, high-precision manufacturing

Manufacturers generally must offer high-quality products at low prices in order to remain competitive. Three Fraunhofer Institutes are therefore working on the next generation of industrial robots which will facilitate cost-effective production processes. The researchers are focusing on developing a new kinematics for milling lightweight materials, metals, and steels. The aim: achieving a production tolerance Read more about New kinematics for milling – customized, high-precision manufacturing[…]

e.DO: People make Robotics

Comau, a leading worldwide manufacturer of industrial robots and automation solutions, is launching a unique, “build-it-yourself” 6-axis articulated robot project based on a 100% open-source hardware and software platform that allows users to understand how robotics work from the inside-out and the outside-in. The modular and compact IoT-enabled e.DO robot – designed and developed by Read more about e.DO: People make Robotics[…]

New Picking Solution for Logistics, E-Commerce, and Material Handling Industries

With the explosive growth in e-commerce and a shrinking workforce, pressures have never been higher on warehouses to fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. To address these challenges, RightHand Robotics today introduced RightPick, a combined hardware and software solution that handles the key task of picking individual items, or “piece-picking.” With RightPick, businesses are able Read more about New Picking Solution for Logistics, E-Commerce, and Material Handling Industries[…]