Seamless authentication for all – € 4 million

Simple, secure and privacy-friendly authenticating method for people and their smart objects to prove their identity, relationship and privileges. In the era of Internet of Things (IoT), people (of all ages, physical capabilities and educational backgrounds) and their smart objects (e.g. smart mobile devices and household appliances, wearable gadgets, smart cars) often need to authenticate, Read more about Seamless authentication for all – € 4 million[…]

Contest for a new prototype engine to gain € 3.5 Million

A new challenge launched by the European Commission under HORIZON PRIZE competition for  participants coming up with a solution integrated in a system prototype, which will be able to demonste reduction of emissions of pollutants and lowering fuel consumption in real driving conditions without affecting the operational capabilities of the vehicle. The purpose of this Read more about Contest for a new prototype engine to gain € 3.5 Million[…]

Photovoltaics meets history – € 750 000

Horizon prize for Integrated Photovoltaic Energy System will reward a European protected historic urban district that has perfectly integrated in its buildings a photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity for at least 50% of its required electricity consumption. In this context the photovoltaic system should include all the necessary components to supply power within Read more about Photovoltaics meets history – € 750 000[…]

Horizon prize for CO2 reuse

Specific Challenge: Preventing dangerous climate change is a key priority for the European Union. Europe is working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially while encouraging other nations and regions to do likewise. One way to help these efforts is to make use of the CO2 by integrating it in consumer products. CO2 re-use Read more about Horizon prize for CO2 reuse[…]


Specific Challenge: The prize aim at spurring the development of engine and powertrain technologies using conventional fuels to reduce emissions of pollutants in real driving conditions to the lowest level possible, in order to improve air quality issues in European cities. The prize will be awarded, after closure of the contest, to the contestants who Read more about H2020-EngineRetrofitPrize-2016[…]

Horizon Prize – Materials for Clean Air

Scope: In the European Union, the average life expectancy is estimated to be decreased by 8.6 months, because of exposure to particulate matter resulting from human activities. The inhalation of particulate matter can also lead to adverse effects in the respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, and neural systems. In addition to its effects on the human health, Read more about Horizon Prize – Materials for Clean Air[…]