Stimulating demand for sustainable energy skills in the construction sector

Specific Challenge: Based on results of the BUILD UP Skills initiative, in particular the National Qualification Platforms and Roadmaps, as well as the qualification and training schemes developed in various Member States, the challenge is now to act at market level and to support legislative changes that will stimulate the demand for energy skills. The Read more about Stimulating demand for sustainable energy skills in the construction sector[…]

EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis’

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to build a fully functional, bench-scale prototype of an artificial photosynthesis based system which is able to produce a useable synthetic fuel. Artificial photosynthesis is widely considered to be among the most promising new technologies to deliver sustainable alternatives to current fuel supplies. Due to its ability to use a Read more about EIC Horizon Prize for ‘Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis’[…]

Access to space

Specific Challenge: Access to space is an indispensable element of the entire value chain of space and has been recognised as an area of strategic importance towards the direction of Europe’s non-dependence. Access to space is a matter of security of supply, industry capability and technology readiness and a sine qua non condition of the modern space knowledge-based Read more about Access to space[…]

Business case for industrial waste heat/cold recovery

Specific Challenge: Energy and fuels represent an important part of the production costs in several Resource and Energy Intensive Industries (REII). While a lot of technical progress has already been done in REII to reduce the energy consumption of the main industrial processes, significant parts of the input-energy are still lost in the form of Read more about Business case for industrial waste heat/cold recovery[…]

In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping

Specific Challenge: The challenge of this strategic research cluster (SRC) is to enable major advances in Electric Propulsion (EP) for in-space operations and transportation, in order to contribute to guarantee the leadership through competitiveness and non-dependence of European capabilities in electric propulsion at world level within the 2020-2030 timeframe, always in coherence with the existing Read more about In-Space electrical propulsion and station keeping[…]

New solutions for the sustainable production of raw materials

Specific Challenge: Securing sustainable access to raw materials, including metals, industrial minerals and construction raw materials, and particularly Critical Raw Materials (CRM), is of high importance for the EU economy. However, the EU is confronted with a number of technological and environmental challenges along the entire production value chain of primary and secondary raw materials. Read more about New solutions for the sustainable production of raw materials[…]

Big data solutions for energy

Specific Challenge: Tomorrow’s energy grids consist of heterogeneous interconnected systems, of an increasing number of small-scale and of dispersed energy generation and consumption devices, generating huge amounts of data. The electricity sector, in particular, needs big data tools and architectures for optimized energy system management under these demanding conditions. Scope: Innovation Actions targeting large-scale pilot test-beds Read more about Big data solutions for energy[…]

Smart materials, systems and structures for energy harvesting

Specific Challenge: The realisation of the European goals of increased energy efficiency, reduction in CO2 emissions and the circular economy require novel ways of using, harvesting and storage energy. Smart materials and material systems/structures have already demonstrated the potential to reduce energy consumption as well as harvest, generate and store energy. However, implementation has been limited Read more about Smart materials, systems and structures for energy harvesting[…]

More than EUR 6 Mil. goes to advanced materials for additive manufacturing

Specific Challenge: Additive manufacturing (AM) is now applied in the processing of most industrial metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, albeit at quite different levels of industrial readiness. The challenge is to develop equipment that allows the additive layer manufacturing of multi-materials items and multi-functional materials (for research, transport including aeronautic, consumer customised goods, communications, biomaterials Read more about More than EUR 6 Mil. goes to advanced materials for additive manufacturing[…]

Pilot lines for modular factories

Specific Challenge: Rapid changes in a production line require a significant flexibility of reconfiguration. Modular production equipment can create highly adaptable production lines to enable efficient production of small series tailored to customer demands. Previous research has shown that the modularity can be at two levels, either as complete machines with their own interface and Read more about Pilot lines for modular factories[…]

Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories

Specific Challenge: Digital manufacturing platforms play an increasing role in dealing with competitive pressures and incorporating new technologies, applications and services. Advances are needed in digital manufacturing platforms that integrate different technologies, make data from the shop floor and the supply network easily accessible, and allow for complementary applications. The challenge is to fully exploit Read more about Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories[…]

Space hubs (support to start-ups)

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to increase the number of initiatives for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the space downstream and upstream sectors (such as Incubators, Accelerators, Hackathons or AppCamps), provide solutions to accelerate the growth of space scale-ups and the commercialisation of their products, engage small and medium enterprises in space innovation, especially those Read more about Space hubs (support to start-ups)[…]