1st IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe

The first IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe is now available to companies and research organizations that wish to develop and test applied quantum algorithms and gather expertise. In a joint project with IBM, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will operate the quantum computer, installed in a center near Stuttgart, under German data protection law. The Fraunhofer Read more about 1st IBM Quantum System One installed in Europe[…]

All-purpose talent in aircraft manufacturing

In aircraft manufacturing, much of the milling, drilling and assembly is still done by hand. This is because the raw components vary not only in size and design, but also in shape accuracy. Small differences are unavoidable in extremely lightweight and elastic materials, which poses a challenge for automated processing. Working with an industrial consortium, Read more about All-purpose talent in aircraft manufacturing[…]

Stepless control devices with flexible pressure sensors

Silicone is so soft and flexible that it is easily deformed by the pressure of a finger. Researchers at Fraunhofer have recently created sensors made from this flexible material, making it easier to steplessly control devices. At the Hannover Messe, they are presenting a glove that can measure pressure and a steering wheel that lets Read more about Stepless control devices with flexible pressure sensors[…]

Accurate data on various environmental influences

In computer aided vehicle engineering, you need accurate data on various environmental influences. This is the only way developers can conduct tests that simulate the experience of a real car. At the Hannover Messe, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute are presenting a quick and inexpensive system that collects real data at normal driving speeds and Read more about Accurate data on various environmental influences[…]

Terahertz technology reaches industrial maturity

Terahertz is a new technology in which nondestructive testing of components and surfaces is possible. Until now, these devices and, in particular, the sensor heads have been expensive and unwieldy. Researchers at Fraunhofer have now succeeded in making sensor heads more compact and, thus, cheaper, which facilitates their handling considerably. First prototypes are already being Read more about Terahertz technology reaches industrial maturity[…]