Telehaptics increasing immersion tactile communication

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has developed a telehaptic device that remotely transmits tactile sensations in real time by attaching it to the fingertip like a sticker. It is expected to add a sense of immersion to the metaverse and real tactile experience with world-class performance and usability through ultra-miniaturization. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Read more about Telehaptics increasing immersion tactile communication[…]

Haptic technology empowered by LED light signals

A Korean research team succeeded in developing a technology generating various vibration using LED light signals. The technology allows various tactile sensations by area and reduction in size by considerably lowering the cost of light source, and these are expected to be applied to many industries including automobile and electronics. The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Read more about Haptic technology empowered by LED light signals[…]