Towards a green, digital and resilient economy

The European Commission has put forward a Communication on the European Growth Model. It recalls the common objectives the EU and its Member States have committed to with respect to the green and digital transition and to strengthening social and economic resilience. It acknowledges that the European economy is undergoing unprecedented transformations in the context Read more about Towards a green, digital and resilient economy[…]

European Innovation Scoreboard 2021

The Commission has released the European Innovation Scoreboard 2021, which shows that Europe’s innovation performance continues to improve across the EU. On average, innovation performance has increased by 12.5% since 2014. There is continued convergence within the EU, with lower performing countries growing faster than higher performing ones, therefore closing the innovation gap among them. According Read more about European Innovation Scoreboard 2021[…]

Europe’s Digital Decade

What is the Commission’s Digital Compass? The Commission has presented a Communication “2030 Digital Compass: the European Way for the Digital Decade”. It sets out: A vision for 2030 for a successful digital transformation based on the empowerment of citizens and technological leadership, resulting in a more resilient and prosperous society; Clear and concrete objectives along four cardinal Read more about Europe’s Digital Decade[…]