Electronic Smart Systems (ESS)

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to develop and validate a new generation of cost-effective ESS technologies integrating hardware technologies across multiple fields eg, multi-modal sensing, actuating, advanced processing, and secure wireless transmission (to network or local infrastructures). Access to advanced electronics technologies by SMEs and academia is a complementary challenge supporting digitisation of industry. Scope: Read more about Electronic Smart Systems (ESS)[…]

Robotics – Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to provide a sustainable ecosystem of robotics stakeholders covering the entire value network to facilitate and accelerate a broad uptake and integration of robotic technologies, and supporting the digitisation of industry through robotics. Scope: a. Innovation Actions Proposals should address the provision of a network of robotics Digital Innovation Hubs Read more about Robotics – Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)[…]