Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments

Specific Challenge: The increasing percentage of people living in urban areas and the impact of digital technologies on public services make good governance, inclusive policies, smart planning and social and environmental sustainability ever more important for ensuring the quality of human life. Urban environments and agglomeration effects provide an ecosystem for economic growth and innovation. Read more about Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments[…]

European Islands Facility – Unlock financing for energy transitions and supporting islands to develop investment concepts

Specific Challenge: Mobilising investment in energy efficiency and renewables is key for Europe’s energy transition. In 2017 the European Commission and 14 EU Member States signed a political declaration to launch the new ‘Clean Energy for EU Islands’ initiative. Its aim is to help islands reduce their dependency on energy imports by making better use Read more about European Islands Facility – Unlock financing for energy transitions and supporting islands to develop investment concepts[…]

Robotics in Application Areas

Specific Challenge: While robots originated in large-scale mass manufacturing, they are now spreading to more and more application areas. In these new settings, robots are often faced with new technical and non-technical challenges. The purpose of this topic is to address such issues in a modular and open way, and reduce the barriers that prevent Read more about Robotics in Application Areas[…]

Future Hyper-connected Sociality

Specific Challenge: Future social networks, media and platforms will become the way our societies operate for communication, exchange, business, creation, learning and knowledge acquisition. The challenge is to mobilise a positive vision as to the role that Social Media will increasingly play in all these areas, and to overcome today’s critical issues about trust and Read more about Future Hyper-connected Sociality[…]

Supporting experimentation in innovation agencies

Specific Challenge: Innovation support agencies, i.e. the regional and national agencies that design and/or implement innovation support programmes for SMEs are important intermediaries for SME innovation. Focus, design and delivery mechanism of innovation support programmes determine to a large extent the economic impact from the supported actions and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries with the Read more about Supporting experimentation in innovation agencies[…]

Workplace innovation uptake by SMEs

Specific Challenge: Workplace innovations are non-technological innovations related to business structure and organisation, employee engagement and Human Resources management, managing internal process and decision making, development and planning of organisational strategies and methods, relationships with clients and suppliers, the work environment itself. Workplace innovations improve motivation and working conditions for employees, both men and women, Read more about Workplace innovation uptake by SMEs[…]

Towards a Baltic and North Sea research and innovation programme

Specific Challenge: The northern seas of Europe – the Baltic Sea and the North Sea – are at the forefront of the global surge to enhance and realise marine and maritime potential. This enormous economy is directly and critically dependent on the quality and extent of the ecosystem services provided by the two regional seas Read more about Towards a Baltic and North Sea research and innovation programme[…]

Airworthiness of mass-market drones

Specific Challenge: Recent research work carried out on 10 year-long set of reported civil incidents involving drones around the world has found that technical problems (most notably, broken communication links) rather than errors by operators are the major cause of those incidents (circa 64% of the total). This evidence points to the need for adequate airworthiness Read more about Airworthiness of mass-market drones[…]

Interactive Technologies

Specific Challenge: Interactive technologies such as Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to transform the ways in which people communicate, interact and share information on the internet and beyond. This will directly impact a larger number of European industries ranging from the cultural and creative industries, manufacturing, robotic and healthcare to education, entertainment Read more about Interactive Technologies[…]

Skills needed for new Manufacturing jobs

Specific Challenge: Breakthrough education and training paradigms for continuous training of the existing workforce are needed, that will enable the European industrial workforce to develop new skills and competences in a quick and efficient way. This should put workers, both women and men, at the forefront of innovation and drive industry towards a smooth transition Read more about Skills needed for new Manufacturing jobs[…]

Coordination and Support Action for Quantum Technologies

Specific Challenge: In April 2016, the Commission adopted, with its European Cloud Initiative, an ambitious strategy in the field of Digital Technologies. It was accompanied by a staff working document on Quantum Technologies, announcing the intention to set-up a Flagship initiative over the next 10 years. The present call topic is for a Coordination and Read more about Coordination and Support Action for Quantum Technologies[…]