The smallest 3D printed microrobot

The future of robotics might not be the industrial, metallic kind we are used to. Researchers at Linköping University are making strides in soft robotics, reaching smaller and smaller milestones for the field. We are all familiar with conventional robots, heavy arms of solid metal running on electric motors. Maybe for assembling a car. They Read more about The smallest 3D printed microrobot[…]

Rewired unlock the next-generation of smart robotics

Rewired announced the launch of its robotics venture studio and fund. To start, the company is investing $100 million in applied science and technologies that advance machine perception. Rewired’s first thesis is that improving machine perception will unlock the next generation of smart robotics. To that end, the company is focusing on the sensors, software, and Read more about Rewired unlock the next-generation of smart robotics[…]